You have now entered my domain.

Imposing, I know; prepare to be disappointed.

Hello. My name is Matei, but “Matt” is also acceptable, especially coming from people struggling with foreign pronunciations; I am currently 22 years old. Before I even begin to get lost in explanations, I should state my intentions.

For the past 8 years I have been silently pouring out my general feelings (of various natures and, of course, varying depth) into short and mildly (again, a relative term) coded paragraphs. In order to dwell deeply upon each topic and identify exactly what I should be feeling, I have found that trying to convey every aspect using rhyme and rhythm devours enough time necessary to fulfill that need. The reason everything is written in English, despite me not being a native speaker, is largely unbeknownst to me. I have tried writing in my mother-tongue (Romanian), but I have always ended up destroying the creation shortly afterwards.

Yes, I write what people call “poems”.

I, however, feel that the terms “poem”, “poetry” and “poet” are, perhaps, too intense. I do not yet deem myself or my work worthy enough of those, in my opinion, grandiose titles. It is my hope that this blog (Is this a blog? By the beards of my ancestors, this IS a blog! I am BLOGGING!) will help any future reader to shed a bit of light upon the subject. Which brings me to my next point.

I have decided to create this website in order to receive any form of response or constructive criticism from anyone unfortunate enough to stumble in. I suppose one could call it a social experiment. Through this, I am hoping to learn and further improve my skill; maybe one day, I would feel proud enough to actually steal for myself the aforementioned grandiose titles.

I will be releasing each piece of text in chronological order, on a (hopefully) daily basis, starting with the most cringe-worthy abominations with which I am largely uncomfortable and continuing with the most recent and more bearable creations. Some texts may have been meant to convey a message towards someone (as opposed to just serving as a journal for myself). I will share those texts as well, but, unfortunately for all you gossip-girls out there, I will try my best to keep everything wrapped in a veil of secrecy.

I would like to thank The Glorious Internet for this opportunity; I would also like to formally thank-in-advance all future readers as an attempt at guilt-tripping them into actually checking out my aberrations.

Farewell, stranger.

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