Our first entry comes from back when I first started learning how to use a more complex side of the English language. I had been writing for a few year already, but nothing I had deemed worthy of keeping, unfortunately. Most of my work up to this point had simply consisted of violent, bloody and sadistic short and simple lines. In my 15-year-old brain, “Nothingness” was the first thing I had ever felt genuinely proud for. Now… less so.

Ladies and gentlemen,…


From nothingness I came
And to nothingness I ride.
There’s nothing left, no one to blame;
There’s no one left to cloud my mind.

To mortal essence all falls prey
And shadows lurk beneath the light.
When blackness falls and all turns grey
Comes again the dark of night.

In our world of broken puppets
There’s no blood to taint our veins,
For all eyes, they seem to mock it,
This, our world of rusty chains.

Only I am left to blame
For the chaos in my mind,
‘Cause from nothingness I proudly came
And to nothingness I’d gladly die.

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