“The End”

Misleading title, I know. This ordeal is far from over.

“The End” was written during my high-school years as well. Thematically, it seems to situate itself among the others so far, borrowing elements from both. The topic brought a bit from the past through the violence of the vocabulary, but it was all conveyed in a much more eloquent format than what I had used to right until that point. It has an odd chant-y feeling to it, which I, personally, find both soothingly musical and a bit creepy in a way. I’m still quite content with how it turned out.

“The End”

A broken bone, a broken faith;
A severed soul, a shallow grave;
Another grudge, another wraith;
Every tide starts with a wave.

A drop of wine, another tear;
Another death, another meal;
A whisper cold, a shallow fear;
Living flesh to cull the zeal.

Wounds so fresh of scars so old –
Sealed by words of emptiness.
We all walk paths of deathless cold
Towards the silent nothingness.

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