Yes. A pirate poem. I’m almost as surprised as you are.

I think I wrote this one when I was about 17 years old. Most kids go through weird phases as they pass through the inevitably embarrassing teenage years. I’m not entirely sure if most kids go through a “resigning dying pirate doomsayer” phase.

Some of my work starts with one sentence. In this case, the last verse of this text was the inspiration for the entire result. It seemed like an interesting concept to me, so I had decided to simply elaborate on the subject.

Without further suspense, here ya go, landlubbers!


Frightful whispers the north wind blows,
Freezing what’s left of the steel in our bones.
Our bellies be empty, our throats be dry.
The tide turns again, to wipe the tears off our eye.

The night draws nigh as the Sun turns pale.
Lo, there goes the slaughter for the last drop of ale.
The seas enthrall us, the gods be damned!
The Church be burned and the priests be hanged!

Our blades be sharp, our hearts be strong,
We fight the hand who rights our wrongs.
But the sea brings justice to prince and thief alike,
We bravely stand at the mercy of the tide.

At sea I was born and the sea will be my death
When water holds the Sun, draining hope towards the West,
When our ships be swallowed by the fury of the wave.
The sea has been my cradle, the sea will be my grave.

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