“They Said…”

I wrote this one when I was really angry. I cannot remember exactly what made me so horribly angry that I decided to write an angry message that was never meant to be delivered. I seem to recall being affected by a discussion with a (now ex-) friend from the internet who was incredibly ignorant towards something of great importance to me personally.

The following shouldn’t really surprise any of my friends, as most people either know or find out sooner or later that “ANGRY” IS MY NORMAL STATE OF MIND!!!

“They Said…”

They said I’d fail, they said I’d fall,
But I was not a child of fate.
They said too much, they had some gall
To try and stop my late escape.

They said I’m nothing, said I’m worth
Naught but dirt and shallow mud.
But their tongue only gave birth
To what would then become a god.

Then they said that I’m insane,
‘Said that I’m no work of flesh,
So I culled my dying flame
And let loose dry tears of ash.

They said my deeds won’t be recalled,
So I ceased their senseless word.
They’d said too much , they had to fall
Back again to tainted dirt.

Then they said nothing at all,
So I laughed and laughed for days.
They’d said too much, they had to fall,
For no one tries to change my ways.

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