There goes the last thing I wrote whilst in high-school. There is a fair amount of codified language here but nothing beyond imagination.

Remember that after finishing this one, I took a pretty significant break from writing. I simply had no reason or rhyme (or reason to rhyme, I guess… hue hue hue) to do anything of the sort. For a while, I was extremely preoccupied with my final exams, which ate quite a significant part of my time and sanity, giving tons of worries and dandruff in return. After passing the exams, I had to mentally prepare to leave the comfort of my country and the warmth of my family and home to start University in the lonely cold and damp UK. I wasn’t even aware of what I was feeling, so I had no way of conveying feeling through text.

As some of you are aware, eventually I found UK to be home to some of the best people I had ever known in my life until that point. More on that general regard on tomorrow’s entry. For now, enjoy this weird…thing.


As sky tears fall and mountains shiver,
As clouds drain dry and roses wither,
My flesh turns pale, my bones turn hollow,
My dreams run far, my essence follows.

In elder blood my vision bathes,
In lakes of ash, in dreadful wastes,
As young remnants of sparks of life
Forsake the guidance of the light.

Broken beasts so blind and shallow
Rise to power, carried by an arrow,
The same that pierced the squirming lamb,
Ended the summers and the songs they sang.

Neither mortal, nor as god, in solitude I dwell,
Devouring children of the sun, in the abyss I swell.
I spill my blood to flood your blackest rivers,
I waste my breath to feed your deathless winters.

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