During my time abroad, I got pretty interested in Viking historical re-enactment. Along with taking part in occasional warfare training sessions, I was continuously feeding my already existing passion for old Scandinavian culture, mythology and life-style. “Ragnarök” is a result of that. I don’t want to get into too much detail, however. People who have some basic knowledge of Norse mythology will understand the code as it is fairly obvious. I’m afraid it won’t make much sense for the rest.


High and true, omen of death,
The Crow shall rise above the wastes,
Above the dark and frozen breath
Of the Mountain’s strong embrace.

The mighty fall, the weak shall rise
And feast upon the gifts of gods.
When death shall dance before their eyes
They shall strive against all odds.

As the weak become the blade
And the meek become the brave,
The Snake shall crawl on to their aid
And sate the victory they crave.

Unbound, unchained, the Wolf shall tread
Upon the blood-soaked soil once more.
The beast shall charge before the dead
And slay the ancient Crow of lore.

War shall taint the sacred land
And doomed shall, then, the mighty be,
For when triumph is at hand,
The Dragon feasts in gluttony.

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