Last one. Nothing to say about it, really. I was confused when I wrote it – it still confuses me to this day. You can basically taste the confusion in the fact that not even the grammar makes sense in some parts.

It still means something to me, despite marking the end of something great. Perhaps this is simply my brain’s way of acknowledging the (somewhat questionable) gaining of experience.

I have no regrets.


Long and dreadful fallen feathers
Spanning ‘cross the peaks of mounts,
Holding a blood-red rose that withers,
Mourning what it’s been left without.

Tall and true the pillar stands –
A shattered gaze above the clouds,
Enshrouded by the ancient chants –
Rumbling echoes of roars once loud.

Tongues of flame brand darkened skies,
Lighting seas of hopeful stars,
Resting sharp to those who try
To charge past edge and taint with harm.

With fallen wings but purpose sane,
Laying down pathways of words:
Lifeless life is lived in vain,
Deathless death reveals no cowards.

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