“The Tipping of Scales”

This is one of my most precious pieces; a manifestation of a concept which I have been pondering for years. I’m rather pleased with how it turned out, as I believe I have contoured each element to the best of my abilities.


“The Tipping of Scales”

In days long past our mortal toil,
Before flesh rose from sacred soil,
The Sun knew her by her name –
Justice“, “Righteousness Untamed“,
Iron Lady” of the broken,
Of vows untaken, words unspoken,
Wielding blade towards the wicked,
Ushering faith to all who seek it.

But among the stars at night,
Behind the Moon, hidden from sight,
Lies another silent sentence –
The Poisoned Blade“, her sister, “Vengeance“.
Unknown by most, desired by few,
She strikes fear and purpose true,
For when she stalks and ends her prey,
Naught is left unscarred, awake.

They battle in the hearts of sheep,
As wolves do feast upon the weak.
They fill the veins of grasps so tight
And define our left and right.
Justice soars across the sky
With eyes blind and ever-dry,
But when she leaves the warmth of day,
Vengeance does come out to play.

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