We’re back to dark and familiar themes.

Enjoy, or else.


Short shivering breaths in the night
And frozen fingers down your spine.
Numb and empty void of light
In your putrid derelict of a mind.

A broken husk of your former self,
A torn veil ‘cross a rotting corpse
Festering in a corner of a cell;
Bound by thoughts, never by force.

Eternal reveries of death,
Cackling laughs of senselessness,
Fading in the winter’s breath.
You descend to nothingness.

The serene void of existence
Bleeds out of your wicked scum,
Drags you down to decadence.
Oh, how small you have become…

Surrender all who hope and fear,
Hear the last sepulchral bell,
Let me taste your final tear,
Close your eyes and suffer well.

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