I have created this one with the intention of weaving the macabre and the repulsive with the concept of a childish play-song. It draws inspiration from many sources, such as Freddy Krueger’s well-known adaption of “One, Two, Buckle my Shoe” and the theme song of the character “Thresh” from the video game “League of Legends”

Pairing numbers and rhymes has certainly been interesting, as well as rewarding.


One, two, three, four,
She’s wailing, scratching at my door.
Five, six, seven, eight,
The screams do tend to keep me awake.
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
Twelve days since I’ve been myself.
Thirteen, fourteen and the next,
I writhe in bed and never rest.
Sixteen, seventeen and more,
Someone’s blood adorns my floor.
Ninteen, twenty, twenty-one
Months since I have seen the sun.
Twenty-two and twenty-three,
She contorts in agony.
Twenty-four and twenty-five,
She laughs and flays herself alive.
Twenty six and twenty more,
In vain I beg, lament, implore.
Fourty-seven, fourty-eight,
Her grasp does grip and strangulate.
Fourty-nine and five times ten,
She speaks in her strange tongues again.
Fifty-one and fifty-two,
Her own filth she eats and spews.
Fifty-three and fifty-four,
She screams my name as evermore.
Fifty-five or fifty-six
Years since she has been like this.
Fifty-seven, fifty-eight
Years of shrieks, torment and rape.
Fifty-nine voices in my head,
Sixty years since she’s been dead.

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