A very recent creation. A strong symbol representing another one of my most sacred of concepts – made manifest through another rhyming narrative, akin to past experiments. It is a testament to a very important part of myself, my general attitude, as well as the character I am forced to play every single day; the character I have been pushed to become; the character which I, for good or ill, have eventually chosen to become.

They did not try to make me – so they will never break me.


Clasped in iron, armed with guilt,
Strong firm hands upon the hilt,

A tired gaze through searing steel,
A spirit desperate to reveal

True and savage strikes so cold
Bound by the promise of gold,

Forged in war’s towering flood,
Reborn and then baptised in blood –

He stood before the New Order,
Armed with naught but tools of murder.

Defeated, falling on his knee:
“Your Reverence, I beg of thee –

Spare this one, honour me with
The mercy I could never give

And I shall break the very earth,
To succeed and prove my worth

And I shall tear mountains asunder,
To shower you with spoils and plunder

And I shall be thy blade, thy shield,
‘Till the day my fate is sealed.”

The Lady spoke in dulcet tones –
“Arise, Champion, Breaker of Bones!

Rise and greet the breaking dawn
And serve my rule with guile and brawn!

But one thing I ask of thee –
Reveal thyself so I could see;

Remove thy wicked rusted plates,
So I could see my Champion’s face.”

And terror rose instead of man
And bound by oath, he never ran.

With a proud and righteous smirk
Deep within the helmet’s murk –

“Thy will be done.” – he quietly said
And grasped at the helmet on his head.

As iron fell from shaking hands,
Man poured into shifting sands.

And armour fell with clink and thunder
As the man was there no longer.

And that is why the strong do hide
And leave all their frailty behind,

For when the man becomes the mask,
He is naught but empty husk;

And when the mask does crack and crumble,
When the man does trip and fumble,

He leaves naught but traces of dust
And takes all his secrets to the dusk.



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