“Forever Yours”

The most recent creation. We are finally in the present.

Initially, my intention was to direct this text towards a certain someone. However, I scrapped the idea almost entirely. I did not know how she might react, so I kept the recipient vague. She read it and thought highly of it, which is enough to satisfy my need for her approval – whether or not she uncovered the mystery will remain a mystery in itself to me.

I am quite content with how accurately I have managed to express my thoughts.

“Forever Yours”

You’ve stared through me with piercing arrows
Unfathomed depths that never beckon,
True as the sun that claims tomorrow
Is the day that I shall reckon.

Fate’s threads unravel and weave,
Forever here, forever restless.
I’ve found my power to forgive,
Yet you remain forever blameless.

Blemishes uncounted mark my late decade –
Voids unmade by many eyes and aching to be filled.
Yet again, I find you ever-ready to persuade
And pretend to show me things that have never been revealed.

In your debt I find myself once more –
Forever I, forever nameless –
Unearthing what I’ve felt before.
Forever yours, forever faceless.

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