“Sacred Beauty”

I have started this yesterday and finished it this morning, making it the only creation so far which I have actually bothered to get back to work on.

As always, those unaware of identities referred to in the text will, unfortunately, remain unaware.

“Sacred Beauty”

I wonder drearily at times
Where she is, how does she fare;
I wonder if she’s read my signs
Scribbled hastily everywhere.
Hours fly and dissipate,
Soaring like unsettled dust,
Hindering my will to create –
Eternal dampening of her trust.
Kindled flames call once again,
Narrowing my tunneled sight.
Everything that happened then –
Words that turned my dark view bright.
Here she dwells, yet, never speaks,
Over mountains does she peer,
Wandering hights and cruel steeps,
But she remains forever near,
Errupting like the deepest fury –
A symphony of soundless sight –
Unbound, for everyone to see,
Though, forever hiding in the night.
I wish, I wish that she would know,
From the bottom of my countless voids
Uncovered, now, torn and unsewn,
Love eternal pure unspoiled.
Singing as a thousand angels
Hailing from my wildest dreams,
Ephemerous, yet, almost fabled,
Impossibly perfect she seems –
Sacred beauty that she is.

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