“The Mercy of Deadlocke Dirk”

Fresh from th’ bottom o’ Davey Jones’s locker.

EDIT: I know this is extremely unlike me, but I felt the need to change the name (or title, rather?) of the Dirk character. Thus, “Dead-Eye Dirk” becomes “Deadlocke Dirk”.

“The Mercy of Deadlocke Dirk”

Hear me out an’ heed me call,
All who leap an’ limp an’ crawl;

Heed me words, ye o’ th’ land,
Shamblin’ ‘cross th’ salty sand –

At dusk we rise with th’ blackest o’ tides
An’ curlin’ savage waves we’ll ride;

We’ll wash over yer feeble shores,
Slay all yer urchins an’ take all yer whores,

Taint all yer food with bile n’ chum,
Spit in yer swill salt-water n’ scum,

Burn all yer homes an’ topple yer walls,
Watch as yer bleedin’ empire falls,

F’r ’tis you who came ‘n’ took me eye
An’ left me thar t’ drown an’ t’ die;

An’ left me thar forever floatin’,
Feedin’ fish with me body bloatin’;

But th’ sea be mother t’ all o’ her own
An’ she sewn th’ flesh back on me bone

An’ gave me back me rottin’ crew
An’ we will see our vengeance through.

So scream an’ writhe, ya sniv’llin’ w’rms,
Cry ‘n’ beg ‘n’ plead ‘n’ squirm,

But th’ only mercy we will show
Shall be t’wards th’ gatherin’ crows.

So greet yer end with a drunken smirk
An’ taste th’ mercy o’ yers,

Deadlocke, Dirk.

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