“River of Shadows”

This what I could come up in approximately four days. Superficially assessing the vocabulary, one may stumble upon darker elements and claim that the whole text is meant to induce depression. I claim the complete opposite – I find it quite uplifting!

See for yourself!

“River of Shadows”

The broken sky was crying
And the day was slowly dying;
The day was slowly dying to an end;

I was sipping on dark liquor
On the bottom of the river,
With myself and a shadow of a friend.

Hours passed and not a word,
Not a single word I’ve heard,
The shadow did not ever seem to care.

Holding it together
Seemed more difficult than ever –
I was desperately struggling for some air.

Many days had passed and died,
Washed away by savage tide;
She never seemed to flinch, nor frown, nor drown.

I was laughing at myself
When I bid sweet life farewell,
When we left for the river out of town.

I gazed t’wards the morning light
When the murk escaped my sight
And I saw more than mud and turbid end –

I saw people dreaming, smiling,
I saw good and bad reconciling,
Saw myself in a shadow of a friend.

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