“Universal Adversary”

Fresh off the dome. Given that the frequency with which I post is virtually inconsistent, I think I’m going to release texts as soon as they’re ready, as opposed to scheduling them for the next day at the average time at which people access my page.

Your feedback is highly appreciated (and encouraged). Enjoy.

“Universal Adversary”

Far above the ordinary,
Pondering the temporary,
Unfathomable fear I am –
The universal adversary.

Bathed in chaos are we all,
Deafened be the whispering call
Of the order ordinary,
Of the wailing beckoning fall.

Far below what they call home
Timeless shades ravage and roam,
Undisturbed by cruel suns,
Or unknowable unknown.

A tasteless farse you’ve all become –
Pitiful projected pun –
Laughing off this strange facade,
This carnival of life undone.

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