“The Screamers of Lake Sarloch”

Originally, I was pondering whether or not I should make “Universal Adversary” – Part II. I did, indeed, begin writing a few lines when THIS thought crossed my tired mind.

I hope you’re prepared for the weirdness to follow. Also, I hope you can forgive me for the fact that “Universal Adversary” – Part II may likely never see the light of day.

“The Screamers of Lake Sarloch”

The Lake we know outside the village
Is all that haunts our wrinkled visage,

For ’tis not a Lake of norm,
Its waters, dark and depths, forlorn.

It shines eerily under our Moon,
Spelling chaos, uttering doom.

Each night the Shine atop the lake
Rises above like the dawn’s break,

It turns the air as cold as death,
As a heart torn from a rotting breast.

The Shine curls to a paling star,
Its terror reigns, then, from afar.

As sparking lights break from the hearth,
They shine and shiver back and forth.

Each night they soar and come to play,
They scream and scare our sleep away,

They fill our heads with wicked whispers,
Laughing as our bodies wither,

They steal away our weeping young,
They sway the weak with sin and song,

They drown them in the lake outside,
As our brethren struggle terrified.

They took my son one cursed night,
They took him swiftly from my side.

Each night I dream below the stars,
Weeping onto drowning memoirs,

I hear him calling through the mist,
His grimace radiates fading bliss.

He haunts my sleep with cheerful joy –
Oh, my child, my dearest boy,

How I miss your dulcet smile,
Your shimmering golden locks sublime.

Each night I wake in deafening silence,
In tears and freezing sweats of violence;

I tell myself now and again…
My son yet lives… he’s one of them.

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