Just something I’ve been meaning to take off my chest. In fact, it’s something I’ve yet to take off my chest properly, truth be told.

You know the drill, names will not be named. Enjoy!


How can you smile as bright as day,
When all around you ushers storm?
How did you scare the clouds away
And where were you when I was born?

How can you justify the good you do
And all the cries you leave unheard?
In coldest truth, I have no clue
How there are good people in this world.

How did you see beyond my skin
And why haven’t you yet run away?
Why would you risk a fate so grim?
Why would you choose to remain?

Why are you here every morning
And why are you all that I see?
I would approach, were I not so worried –
The fact that I can’t scare you terrifies me.

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