“Steal You from Another”

This marks one of my most intense, most crippling moral features and how it often affects me. It renders me a will to fight, but it fights my own battles instead. And then it loses. It is hardly difficult to see of what I speak.

Do have a read!

“Steal You from Another”

My twisting eye runs cold and dry
As winds do shiver and shudder.
I’m but a worm and how can I
Dare and steal you from another?

The winter wails her frigid tales
And I know all she’s to say.
I’m frozen in the aeon’s gales,
Yet I can’t keep you in one place.

But who am I to peer and pry,
To sever your golden wings?
You were meant for stars and skies,
Yet I could never give you such things.

But who am I – I try to find –
Am I the wind, am I the lover?
I am the worm who never tried
Or dared to steal you from another.

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