Just a spontaneous burst of ideas after a few days of brooding and general disdain towards my latest lack of creativity. Hopefully, this will prove noteworthy to someone.



I’d dared desire the daunting dawn
And so, I ran and chased it down;
Thawing I was thereupon,
I saw weeping horizons drown.

And I was something, I was whole,
Basking in the soothing sun;
I knew my place, I knew my role,
Where had I died, where I’d begun.

Drops dripped shrieking off my skin,
Errupting thoughts escaped my veins,
Absolving flesh of filth and sin,
Brewing with the boiling rain.

And I saw my work of art,
My scorching flame, sorrowful nymph,
With songs of tears and truth of heart
And could not tell sweet lies from myth.

I’d walked a whisp’ring narrow path
And I’d shed my shelter arctic;
In my wake, but wicked wrath –
In her arms, dear rhymes cathartic.

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