“The Sea Untamed”

Took me four days to think and two hours to actually write this down. It’s not necessarily descriptive of my overall experience, but it solidifies some base aspects of my daily train of thought.

Here it goes.

“The Sea Untamed”

The blackened waves twist cold tonight,
For the moon sank with the derelict day,
Leaving me with a breathless sight;
With all to feel, yet, naught to say.

Dulcet warmth of an open door
I see inside the living pulse –
Sweet venom ravaging the shore,
Empowering a most beautiful convulse.

Contorting in this dance macabre
Are the doubts and countless fears,
Like starving mouths snarling aslobber,
Hungering for the simplest earthly cheers.

In the rolling roaring silence,
Alas, my name remains unnamed;
The sea finds peace in wicked violence
And evermore, remains untamed.

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