“Why Never II”

Just another take on a previously visited concept, written in monorhyme. A “part 2”, if you will, though it doesn’t make much sense in this impersonal format.

Here it goes.

“Why Never II”

…And all the music stops when the gazes turn away
And the beating slowly weakens when the heart is lead astray

And all the voices dampen when the freak comes out to play
With the grudges and the ghouls in the violent disarray.

Amidst the chaos, raging war, the halfwit still obeys
And how it screams in silence when its light flutters away…

How it feels the soothing rain, the sun’s seducing rays…
How the warmth pales down anew with the sea’s vindictive sway…

And darkened thoughts fester once more in the corner of the grey,
Never finding, never seeking reasons to settle, nor stay;

And in this bleak and sterile morning one query still remains –
“Why do I repeat myself? Why never I; why always THEY?”

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