“The Wine”

Just some chaotic thoughts I’ve managed to materialize throughout the day.

Here it goes.

“The Wine”

I’ve tried to drown in a sea of wine,
I’ve tried to swim as well,
Yet I can’t break free from what is mine –
My sweet delightful hell.

Submerged in slumber, I forget
That I have lost the way;
And the bottom beckons with regret,
Begging me to stay.

Yet I can’t reside in depths obscure –
The boring grey abyss;
I wish to leap and fly once more
In the glory of a lover’s kiss;

I wish that I could dare deny
Death’s enticing sway
Closing in as time goes by,
Yet still so far away.

And so I’ve drowned inside my sea of wine
And all the tales I couldn’t tell;
And I soar upon my wings divine
T’wards my delightful hell.

… I wish that I could drown once more,
For I now begin to see
The warmth of my beloved shore
…That’s still so far away from me.

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