Merely an atmospheric piece, not meant to have a great emotional impact. Thought about it on my way home from work and managed to shape it up as soon as I arrived.

Have a read!


Em’rald lights pour down the frost,
Below the moon’s shattering gaze;
All is found and naught is lost
Beneath her alluring phase.

As daggers buried in the snow,
As stitches made to seal the scar,
Wolves and sheep gather in tow
To marvel at the Northern Star.

Sovereign over crags anaemic,
Bloodless hills and seas serene,
She rises in green curtains scenic
As the night’s secluded queen.

And all that shiver on the site
Are welcome ‘neath her gleaming iris,
To hail the absence of the light –
In the shadow of Polaris.


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2 comments on ““Polaris”

  1. Betty Lee says:

    Love the rhythm, it’s like a song. The only thing that did not sit right with me was the use of ’em’rald’.

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    • Morvarth says:

      It’s there merely to impose only one of the two possible ways of pronouncing the word out loud. All in the name of rhythm! Thank you for the input, however. Highly appreciated, as always.


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