This is a manifestation of what I’ve been dying to express lately. It does not fully suggest the full extent of what I feel, but it will have to suffice for now!

Do enjoy!


How I long for long-lost summers,
To feel the heat that glows and smothers,
To find the questions to my answers
In the arms of a lovely other.

How I crave distant tomorrows
And that velvet scorching altar
Where I’ve sacrificed my sorrows,
Where I struggle to exalt her.

Suffer me this long farewell
And quench a thirst so long unsated,
Mourn along trills of death knell
Symphonic passing long been fated.

Suffer me embrace eternal,
Linger in the warmth of “now”,
Write with me volumes and journals
That quill and ink would disallow.

How I lust for words unspoken,
All the verses we’ve concealed
‘Neath the shrouded hazy moment
That I covet and I seek to steal.

And I hear no other voices
‘Mongst the swarm of angel choirs,
Nor the demons’ bright white noises –
None can dampen my desires.

…Another dusk…

                   …to fuel the fire.

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