“Divine Malevolence”

This is what you get when you mix imagination with a few days of ceaseless turmoil.


“Divine Malevolence”

Wailing souls, shivering wraiths,
Empty bones devoid of faith,

Welcome to this tranquil land,
With skies so vibrant, yet so bland

And birds that sing the peaceful tunes
Of ancient graves, entangled tombs,

Where beauty lies within our grasp,
While hands remain cold and enclasped

And people radiate with smiles –
A shine that echoes out for miles;

And I hear them and I feel them –
I behold her and I see him –

How they love and how they learn
How to laugh and how to burn,

How to beat each other’s pulse
To the rhythm of the strange convulse.

How to steal each other’s breath
And see life as perpetual death,

To waste no time to stop and stare,
Understand that something’s there

Searing in their feeble mind
So full of purpose, yet so blind.

I’ve learned to envy these strange mortals
And their shallow ways abnormal.

Pondering their strange perfections,
I dare not look to my infections,

For I crave only what they
Have conjured in a morning child’s play.

I desire what is theirs,
To take root in their mad affairs.

And I wish that they would cry,
To taste this hunger in my eye;

I wish pain upon their life,
To suffer this unending strife

I’ve been fated to endure,
With no hope of cleansing cure.

Welcome, wraiths and ghosts and ghouls,
Shambling terrors, rambling fools,

Gorge upon this fertile soil,
Immortalise their mortal coil,

Snuff out all that shines and burns,
Leave them all to twist and turn,

Pillage all they claim their own,
Leave nothing but flesh and bone;

For if I cannot be one of them,
I will make them see again,

Shatter hearts and smiles and thus,
We shall turn them… into us.

They’ll all remember peace once more –
The daunting darkness of before –

Unified in single thought –
The terror I will have had wrought.

This world will burn before my eye
…And so will they… and so will I…

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