“Shadow Snakes”

I must admit I almost decided not to post this one. It’s a manifestation of something I’m not exactly contempt with accepting.

You’re free to judge me.

“Shadow Snakes”

Shifting silver shadow snakes,
The coiling, spoiling of mistakes
Exalt, exhume my broken mind,
Hiding all there is to find.

Take me now, I beg of you,
Kneeling down in love and rue,
Guide me blindly through the sounds,
Where I had been happy once.

Burry me in warm embrace,
Enthrall me in a deathless grace,
The craze I’ve learned to seek and crave,
The haze and heat around my grave.

The shadow snakes slither again
In sanguine silver motions bent
And I hear their whispered song
And I know that they are wrong.

And I fight these beasts obscene,
These sinful silver fiends unclean,
Renouncing all desire, I seethe,
For you are all I’ll ever need.

Thus I pledge my hollow oath –
The coiling scales around my throat
I’ll tear them all apart for you.
Lust is my sin – honour, my virtue.

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