A familiar theme and a relatively typical approach. Most definitely not my finest work, but something I felt I had to express.

Do enjoy!


Atop the summit of the world
I was forged in baleful flame,
In the clouds where I was hurled,
Drowning in the sea untamed.

Heaven’s gates were shut in spite
Of the mortal maggots many,
Craving my remorseful flight
And none would dare lay eyes on me.

Paradise was where I dwelled
And seraphs were my brethren,
Before they threw me and I fell
To the hell I dreaded then.

And I never knew again
Sinful shade of angel wings
When I soared the sky or when
I heared the dulcet demon sing.

A cruel beauty called to me;
Thirstfully eager, I leaped.
I renounced divinity
And all regrets I sowed and reaped.

Blackened feathers did she pluck
From abyssal hollow soil –
The plumes that fell when I was struck
Down into the mortal coil.

Wings nocturnal did she carve
And I soared the skies with her
In spite of my heavenly scars
And we vowed we’d fly forever.

Past lives did we sacrifice –
The below and the above –
And we reforged paradise
In the flames of our undying love.

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