“The Dance of Suits”

I know, it lacks the usually melodic aspect. It is an idea I have had throughout the day, so I had to make it reality somehow and as soon as possible. An unexpected ray of hope shining upon my perspective, I suppose.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

“The Dance of Suits”

Like autumn leaves in the gale of ages,
Like bloodstains tainting virgin pages,
The cards are dealt, the eyes are shut –
A sweet lascivious papercut.

Ace of all, master of none,
A waxen pawn before the sun –
And one of hearts, a heart of gold,
Mistress of his dreams untold.

The curtains rise – the veil of sins;
The game ensues, the play begins
And entangled in a gambled trust,
Queen of Diamonds, King of Spades – and two of us.

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