“Silence Loud”

I wrote this over two months ago but I was not entirely feeling alright revealing it to the public. I am no longer inclined to keep it a secret.


“Silence Loud”

Eyes like doors to worlds unseen,
A promise written sanguine
In pieces of a shattered glass
Of the mirror of my queen.

Vexing umbral shades obtuse,
Allowed to fester and accuse,
Transmuted tears to baleful malice,
Have poisoned my beloved muse.

And she screams inside her smould’ring lungs
Blasphemies in songs unsung,
Relentless dreams, nightmares unbound,
Curses in a thousand tongues.

Escaping her strange before
And haunting reveries of yore,
She kindles flames long-thought extinct
And thirsts that I’ve learnt to adore.

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