This is a summary of all that this persona of mine stands for. Lately, I’ve been feeling like Morvarth is becoming more of a state of mind and less of a… stage name. Though it’s difficult sometimes to silence my demons, I can’t allow myself to disregard their merit towards all that you see written on this website.



I’ve painted worlds with shades of black
In the beauty of a night;
I’ve given up, I’ve taken back
The poison of a flawless sight.

I’ve traced the feathers of my wings
With rivers of dismantled words
And I flew above all things
That taught me how to hate and hurt.

The gaping voids upon my soul,
Like mouths that hunger for a smile,
I’ve filled them with my dreams unwhole
Turned to darkened passions vile.

By my hands, these walls have risen,
Frozen hold, my future grave,
Macabre home, this lonely prison
Where all is lost and naught is saved.

And I’ve weaved this canvas mine
In shades of the temporary,
From the reason of my rhyme,
The beauty of a cemetery.

Woe unto the untrained eye
Seeking refuge in my heart.
A curse upon all those who I’ve
Allowed to turn me into “Morvarth”

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