“Ageless Novice”

Spontaneous nocturnal reveries. Not much to speak of.


“Ageless Novice”

A longest journey to the Sun, fading star, penumbral path,
Beckons in a midnight’s kiss, gilded with the fangs of wrath.

I have longed for light that lingers, lividly and everlucid
In the twilight of my years, a veil upon winters translucent.

Calling to the many gods dotting my eternal skies,
I plead echoes of estranged tomorrows, to allow me to close my eyes,

For I’ve dreamed a thousand dreams in sickening sepulchral absence
And I wish to live once more that visceral and velvet violence.

The silent screams I’ve swallowed whole with the poisons of the earth –
A feast befitting underkings, demonic crows my soul had birthed.

To cleanse myself of depthless voids, the flames taught me to love and burn
And honouring seconds eternal, I’ve learned to teach myself to reach and earn.

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