“Substitute Satan”

Thought of the day!

By all means, debate.

“Substitute Satan”

Daylight seeps down through the soil,
I hear its mournful beckoning,
I watch existence as it spoils,
But there will be a reckoning.

Walls of iron, gates of stone,
The world remains stillborn unshaken
And atop the vacant throne,
Nightmarish Substitute Satan.

Submerging signs of mundane sight –
The beast’s surreal soundless slumber –
Fills a guiltless heart with fright
When the chains are torn asunder.

Things that once crawled now bear wing
And deathless gazes prowl awakened,
No limbs to dance, no mouth to sing
The sweet Substitute Satan.

Demons I have made and broken
Scream the vivid welcoming –
Ominous omen, towering token
Of the impending reckoning.

‘Mongst the righteous and the damned
Tainting this most glorious haven,
I remain mine, for I am
My personal Substitute Satan.

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