“Snuffed Out”

Thus ends one of the most beautiful tragedies of my life. Hope remains that this has been but a chapter and not the entire play. The curtains have yet to fall, the ink has yet to dry – I’m not done here.


“Snuffed Out”

…So you think that you can cower
In the valley of deceit,
To lay waste with every hour
Till I kneel down in defeat?

So bare those little fangs, my dear,
Sharpen them across my skin,
Scream your sorrows in my ear,
Spell your suicidal grin;

Press your heels against my shade
And watch it slithering away
With the midnight’s calling fade
From this harsh and strange today;

Bury me with all the filth
Been festering inside your soul,
Sing to me my grievious guilt,
If that’s what makes your life seem whole;

Swim with me the sunless sea
In the wine’s penumbral plight,
Drag me down in cruelty,
If that’s what keeps you warm at night.

You taught me to consume my fear
And burn the temples of before,
So hold my shaking hand, my dear –
The world’s not burning anymore…

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