“Her Ways”

I have conceived the main ideas of this text on my way home from work. Had to rush just so I wouldn’t forget too much. Hopefully, I’ve managed to salvage plenty.

Have a gander!

“Her Ways”

Through the desolated crags
Lying under trembling peaks,
She seeps like fine wine through the cracks
Of a raven’s tattered beak;

And she treads the feeble bones
Daring to pollute her path,
She walks alone, she feels at home
In echoes of an aftermath,

In a chill secluded haze
Of delicate uncertainty,
In the moon’s alluring phase
Blessing her humanity,

In her strange enticing ways
She fights her own apocalypse,
In the way she speaks and sways
With those tantalizing lips,

In the way she haunts my day
Like dawn’s caress upon my eye.
…How she makes me want to stay…
…How she finds me when I hide…

I beseech forbidden knowledge
Dwelling in her imperfection
That draws me in and keeps me hostage
On a resolute direction;

And dare I dream of such a time
I’d walk with her undying grace,
When she’d learn to crave what’s mine –
The agony of my embrace.

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2 comments on ““Her Ways”

  1. Charlie Hasler says:

    Beautiful poem my friend, a pleasure to read.

    Liked by 1 person

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