“Eye of the Storm”

I’ve been meaning to write lately, but my head’s been crowded with a few other projects I’m actively thinking about and trying to materialise. I wrote this because I felt like I’ve been neglecting my own thoughts in the past few weeks. So I took a break from responsibilities in order to vent over here for a while.

Do enjoy!

“Eye of the Storm”

Like a soothing summer breath,
I inhaled her searing smile,
Etching deep within my chest,
Through my darkening exile;

And the sacred crimson rivers
She allowed once more to flow;
The frailty of a faded shiver
Begged me to never let go.

Thus, the savage scarlet sea
Simmering under my shell
Phased out of a fantasy –
I stood strong… and then I fell.

Through my dormant fingertips,
Velvet seeped oneirically
And I began writing this,
So none could take her from me.

What I feel… she’ll never know…
And I know she’ll never feel
The warmth she utters in her glow
Through those piercing eyes unreal.

And I wish that she would see
Herself mirrored in my word;
And I wish she would see me…
In the way that I see her…

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2 comments on ““Eye of the Storm”

  1. roseclau says:

    This has literally made chills run down my skin. I really love it and i wonder who inspired you to finally write something new :D.

    Liked by 1 person

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