“Secluded Surge”

This is the product of my own anger and frustration. It is the manifestation of that harrowing experience where one suffers at the action of an oblivious other; where one cannot voice any displease towards such a situation for fear of breaking especially fragile social bonds.

You have been warned.

“Secluded Surge”

A world and all its sky-born wonder
Sets into the wild horizon,
Dipping ever-deeper under
Tendrils twisted dark arisen;

And all the breathing singing skies
Lose their shallow fleeting tune,
Yet the grasping deep denies
Even secret songs of doom.

All the screaming and the wailing,
Muffled under dripping shroud;
All the dreaming and the failing,
Powering the silence loud.

Thus, a world erradicated
Before even taking root,
Left breathless and suffocated
In a soundless flood uncouth.

Not unlike this dawning dark
Is the path that I have chosen;
And suffering a single spark,
I writhe and drown… in my own poison.


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