“Local Warming (A Minor Tragedy)”

A rather strange take on what I’ve been feeling lately, filtered through the actions of a single day. I’m in a fairly interesting place – no matter how deeply and often I choose to exaggerate the current state of affairs regarding my… interests.


“Local Warming (A Minor Tragedy)”

I greet each hazy early morn’,
As I stand my righteous ground,
Yet I seethe out of my form
Every time she comes around.

Growling, frowning as I might,
Treading over vacant skulls,
I can’t allow myself to fight
This fever uncontrolable.

And once I lose myself among
Mundane faces, mortal toils,
Humming her sweet silent song,
She makes my coursing venom boil.

Shaking, I’ve learnt to make do
(In fact, I cannot stand at all);
And fright’ningly, I’m starting to
Use words like… “adorable” –

This is, frankly, horrible!


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