“I Am”

This is nothing more than an elaborate riddle. I have designed it so that there is just one correct answer. One may disagree – if one would be so inherently inclined towards being utterly WRONG. One would, then, be kindly reminded that this is MY domain and these are MY rules. One is so silly. I am so sorry for one.


“I Am”

I am the madness festering inside my own disease;
I am the voices pestering; desire unappeased;

I am the presence shadowing where nothing still remains;
I am the laughter harrowing; the ash inside my veins;

I am the famished countless voids that still remain unwhole;
I am the gambled trust destroyed; the actor without role;

I am the sacred suffering of a promise broken;
I am the fearful offering to deities long unspoken;

I am the thirstful cancerous corner of my eye;
I am the echoed avarice of a fading “What am I?“.


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