“To the Sound of Roaring Thunder”

I wrote this as the fruit of a brief reflection upon myself in the past few months. A lot has changed, yet I remain the same. For good or ill, that is.

“To the Sound of Roaring Thunder”

To the sound of roaring thunder,
To the eyes that stared in wonder
I was brought into the world,
Heart in flames and lungs asunder.

To the sunless weeping noon
I awoke, never too soon,
Prying long forgotten eyes
Through the cracks within my tomb.

I had tread ‘pon many grounds,
I had heard a thousand sounds,
Yet no earth had piqued my lust
Like this world that I had found.

To my gruesome grim disgrace,
I had settled in my place,
With inferno in my heart
And a smile upon my face.

Here shall I suffer the world
In which chaos had been hurled,
With my demons and my ghosts
And shadows of my wings unfurled;

Here shall I submerge in slumber
Until I dream of another
Who would dare open my eyes
To the sound of roaring thunder.


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