I had spent the whole day overthinking, so I thought “may as well write it down”. These are just some ideas spread chaotically in a formless format. Hope some of you can still enjoy it nonetheless!


In the dead of my serene
Midnight’s serenade unclean,
I have peered into the void,
Into heavens long destroyed
And I saw myself inside
Burning temples of my pride.
In a horrifying moment,
I have seen the dreaded omen
Shedding light upon my scars,
Twisted into words bizarre.
Seething was the scarlet sea
Aching to burst out of me;
Freezing was the salty sweat
At the sight of Juliet

In the dead of my serene
Midnight’s terrifying scene,
Shivering out of my shape,
Crawling up a lunar drape,
I had sensed the scent of doubt
Screaming all nightmares aloud,
Louder than a dream can get,
Yet I could never forget
That gladsome and silent pact –
A laughter to close the act.

And now all that I can hear
Is the thunder growing near;
All that I can ever see
Is my own humility;
Yet my thunder skips a tune
In seconds inopportune;
And I lose my frail breath…

…At the sight of Juliet.

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