“From the Shadows”

I have juggled with some notions lately, trying to figure out some weight behind what I feel. This is the result of that.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

“From the Shadows”

Silent as the gales of time,
Speaking through my bleeding wound,
Leaving but a faded sign
Of a beating heart exhumed,

I have carved myself a way
Through the entrails of the world
And I found this strange today
In the image of a girl.

I woke in this nightmare vivid
And I smelt the rotting air
Rising from the demons livid,
Twisted in her golden hair.

Sultry was the shrieking wind
Paralysing me with fear –
Salty with a scent of sin,
Saturated in her tear –

And I could utter no more
Words out of my bleeding wound,
All that I’ve grown to care for,
Waring with a pulse presumed.

Though I witness with disgust
The soil withering my rose,
Unable to exist, I must
Relinquish from the shadows.

Twisting my forgotten arts,
I remain the silent seer;
And unlike the dying stars,
I remain forever here.

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