“Château de Cœur”

I have been actively thinking about this piece for a few days. I had already finished writing this in my mind long before actually putting it on paper, so not much has changed from the original concept. As for what it means – let’s just say I have foreseen things that managed to take place despite my wildest dreams and foolish hoping.

No matter the cost, as long as it keeps me writing.

Château de Cœur

Atop the damp forgotten teeth
Of the ever-hungry shore
Lies my forlorn golden seat –
The halls of Château de Cœur.

And the savage salty serpents
Coil around my sneering fangs
Every night, with every fervent
Tide of self-imposed harangue.

In my sweet Château de Cœur,
The cold stairs of marble white
Speak memories of red horreur
And lies of a flawless sight.

A marvel, my lovely home,
Where the willow does not age,
Where the gold etches the bone
With the eros of a gilded cage.

Many have toppled the walls
Of my dear Château de Cœur,
Yet the shrieking brackish squalls
Still sing their “Encore, encore!

Under no vigil of god,
The tide knocks upon my door,
Shattering the sweet façade
That is my Château de Cœur.

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