“A Better Man”

This is a simple concept, but it is something that has been gnawing at me for the past few days. I decided to take some time to put it on paper.

Here it is.

“A Better Man”

I was nothing when I was
And much worse when I began
Breathing tragically, because
…I could not be a better man.

Should I dull my longing fangs?
Should I stay my grasping hand?
I would rather swing and hang,
Than become a better man!

They did not see when I was there;
I watched as they turned and ran
In a spiraling despair;
…I want to be a better man.

But they scream inside my head,
Clawing again and again,
And I wish that I was dead!
…Or at least a better man.

So I lock away my thirst,
Making due with what I can.
I will be myself, but first,
I will be a better man!

Leave me now, sweet war of mine,
Take with you only my hand,
For tomorrow you will find
A brighter bolder better man!

…Better than the one I am.


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