This is the outcome of a relatively darker phase that has been plaguing me for the past month or so and which recently reached an apex of sorts. I am not proud of these thoughts, but that hasn’t kept me from sharing them before!

Here they are.


I see the cold and shaking hands
Reaching out from your despair,
Slithering with shifting sands,
Longing for a gasp of air.

I hear the thundering pursuit
Beating in your lonely heart,
Marching with a sound uncouth
Towards faith broken apart.

I feel the flames that scream alight
And circles of ash and smoke
Drawing closer, choking tight
Sacred promises they spoke,

Sacred promises they broke,
Widening the violet voids,
Suffering this endless joke,
Whitening the violent noise,

Leaving nothing but a voice…

Do you see me when I reach
Out of my glacier shell,
When I hatefully beseech
Haven in my frigid hell?

Do you hear me when I hum
To the beat of your descent,
Beckoning closer as one
With all the words that I have spent?

Do you feel the way I glare
Scorching as a thousand suns,
Ruing the moment I dared
Shine before the cold and numb?

Why would you… or anyone?

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