“The Fall of Mankind”

I had always wanted to have a go at writing in limerick format. With some minor exceptions, I believe I have hit the figurative nail on the figurative head on a technical level. On a thematic scale, this takes inspiration from the world’s most famous book, albeit smothered in a great deal of interpretation.

Have a read and let me know what you think!

“The Fall of Mankind”

Who could have foreseen such a ruse?
Even saints rabble down and accuse.
Certainly not
The slobbering lot,
Nor the sorrowful demons obtuse.

I was slithering my own affairs
And skulking around everywhere,
Until that I met
The aphonic duet
And they didn’t know I was there.

Had he a name, so did she,
But then who doesn’t, honestly?
I only recall
The tale of the fall,
The falling that brought them to me.

One evening I saw her depart,
Running away, breathing hard,
Through to the edge
Of the heavenly hedge,
With only despair in her heart.

She had tasted my poison before
And she’d felt of my fangs to the core,
She’s seen the grin
Of a devilish sin,
Yet she never dared open the door.

I burried my scales in the sand,
As I heard the footsteps of a man.
He could not see
Through the shadows and trees,
So I guided his hungering hand.

Just as he neared her retreat,
Thought I’d save myself a little treat,
So I coiled like shackles
Around his ankles
And he toppled forth in defeat.

Scarlet was his dim-wit face
And so was the prize of his chase,
They burned so bright
The forest caught light
And the dirt collapsed without trace.

“I’m falling!” is all that I’ve heard,
As he tightly held onto her.
For her he fell
In love and in Hell;
They both fell for each other.

A thundering voice did demand
That the offspring I’d swiftly unhand,
Yet that was for naught,
As they paid it no thought,
For only each other they had.

To myself I had proven my worth,
Perverting the world before birth;
With only a jest
I had shepherd the best
Thing that could happen on earth.

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