“Desert Dance”

This draws its main inspiration from a dream that had occurred to me several times. Each time the details were slightly different, so I had to stitch everything up from memory. The name “Sarahan” (often referred to as “Sarahan of the Deserts”) occurred on a few occasions in those dreams, usually referring to some form of malevolent vengeful titan-like being sent to bring about the world’s end at the behest of some very angry gods. Some very extensive and minute research (literally one single search on Google) has concluded that Sarahan is actually a village in India. The implications of this could be very interesting, but instead of following up on the background of the village, I’ve decided only to share what I have seen.


“Desert Dance”

Sharp winds does the sea provide,
Hopelessly seeking to aid
Barren landscapes left behind
By the gods that we have made.

Our nights are bright as day,
Scorching with a thousand suns,
Bleeding earth forlorn and flayed
By the howling unseen ones.

Sandstorms scalp the golden domes
In a war-born savage trance,
Covering the marble thrones –
A sadistic Desert Dance.

Feathers grace the searing sky,
Falling from the heavens red,
Gliding fearfully awry
‘Bove the laughing lion head.

Towering above the sands,
Tremoring with every step,
Four blades grasped in shaking hands
Which for aeons lied and slept.

Dust engulfs the sacred signs
Adorning the ancient walls –
Mockery in sinful rhymes
Which for aeons us enthralled.

I hear now the serpent song
Slithering inside the sand;
I see the temples we have wronged
Festering on rotten land.

The desert dance cuts ever-deeper
At the eyes of this mere pawn;
I behold the Harbinger –
Sarahan – the breaking dawn;

…Spelling doom with every yawn.

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