“The Chase”

I’ve managed to push myself to rekindle something that has given me a lot of inspiration in the past, so I wrote this.

Note: I say “pushed myself”, because I’m to afraid to admit I have no control over this damn thing beating wildly inside my chest.

Send help.

“The Chase”

Never have I been the prey,
Nor a beast of pride am I;
Never have I been betrayed
By the gleam inside my eye;

Never have I felt the rush
Of inferno in my heart,
Boiling volumes into hush,
Lowering my stalwart guard;

Never have I met a face
I could not face as a whole,
Fever of a feline grace,
Catharsis in a single soul.

Never in my wildest dreams,
Gilding the forgotten grey,
Have I ever seen these things
As clearly as I did today.

…And I knew not what to say.

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